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Carrozzeria Mirabile

Carrozzeria e Verniciatura Compositi


Carrozzeria Mirabile was founded in 1974 from Silvio Mirabile’s already decades-long experience and initiative. Initially, the business mainly focussed on traditional body shop work, but always supported by a great passion for work.

In the early 1980s, Carrozzeria Mirabile was already an established business, with some of the most modern equipment of the times.

In the early 1990s, thanks to Stefano joining the company, work started on painting carbon surfaces, and in just a few years Carrozzeria Mirabile became one of the most exclusive suppliers to one of the most prestigious names in Italian sports cars.

From here the business skyrocketed and within just a few years the company took on all the latest generation equipment for carrying out all types of paintwork on carbon surfaces.

Today, Carrozzeria Mirabile is an established business, and in September 2012 also started working in a second factory completely dedicated to carbon works.


Carrozzeria Mirabile has worked in the bodywork sector for over 35 years. Since 1996, Carrozzeria Mirabile has worked in painting components and parts in carbon and composite fibres.

The quality of our work, and the experience and passion we put into it, have led Carrozzeria Mirabile into partnerships with some of the most important and well-known car manufacturers.




Composite: Via Somma, 24
          Body shop: Via Somma, 24
          20012 Cuggiono (MI) ITALY

Composite: +39.02.974.73.94

Body shop: +39.02.974.73.94