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Carrozzeria Mirabile

Carrozzeria e Verniciatura Compositi


For more than forty years, Carrozzeria Mirabile has represented a decisive reference point of service and quality for all those requiring a reliable body shop which works following the highest quality standards, quickly even in the most complex processes which require more attention from those undertaking the task.

Carrozzeria Mirabile ’s technical expertise easily stands up to the competition: from the furnaces to the template counter and the calibration of the bodywork, from the lifts to the overhead travelling cranes, Carrozzeria Mirabile is perfectly equipped to best undertake all necessary work. A special area is dedicated to repairing aluminium bodywork and equipped with welders to repair them.

Carrozzeria Mirabile cares for the environment: for years, in fact, it has only used environmentally low-impact products and water-based paints.

An established partnership with leading parts and components suppliers makes Carrozzeria Mirabile extremely efficient in providing pieces that must be replaced in cars entrusted to us. The body shop also has agreements with the most important insurance groups concerning compensation for damage caused to cars being repaired.

But it is not only a matter of materials and pieces: Carrozzeria Mirabile ’s true worth lies in its 40 years’ experience and passion and seriousness in its work.


Carrozzeria Mirabile has worked in the bodywork sector for over 35 years. Since 1996, Carrozzeria Mirabile has worked in painting components and parts in carbon and composite fibres.

The quality of our work, and the experience and passion we put into it, have led Carrozzeria Mirabile into partnerships with some of the most important and well-known car manufacturers.




Composite: Via Somma, 24
          Body shop: Via Somma, 24
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Composite: +39.02.974.73.94

Body shop: +39.02.974.73.94